What Color is Titanium Wire?

Titanium is an inert metal and therefore hypoallergenic; recommended even for the most sensitive skin. In its natural state, it is a grey/silver metal.

You can anodize it to be a yellow brass color, blue color, purple color, pink color, vintage bronze color as well as a mix colors – We offer it plain and anodized.

It is a harder temper wire when compared to other wires, such as copper, however, the temper of a wire is designated for the temper it is in relationship to itself and the degrees of variations that are attainable.

Temper Chart
We recommend hard wire cutters when working with it. Using regular cutters can bed the cutting edge, leaving notches in the tool, and rendering it useless for further cutting.


If you are going to work with 16 gauge and thicker, we also recommend longer handled wider flat nose pliers. They will give you the leverage you need, as well as distribute the force more evenly.


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