Soldering Questions – “Do I Need To Clean My Chip Solder?”

One of the benefits of solder chips is that you don’t have to mess around with cleaning them!


The cleaning cautions for solder apply to wire solder which is exposed to skin oils, flame and flux residue and generally gets rather dirty and oxidized and therefor requires cleaning.

Chips are kept in a sealed container until they are used,and sealed up again until the next soldering job so they stay free of oxidation. I package my solder chips in a resealable, airtight plastic vial. When you need to solder just shake out the chips you need and reseal the vial so you will have clean unoxidized chips available for the next job.

The chips should be handled with tweezers to place them where you need the solder joint, do not get flux on the tweezers and do not expose the tweezers to the torch flame for best tweezer life. I recommend the stainless steel #7 curved tweezers, they are perfect for handling chip solder and are my personal go-to tool for the job.

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