Featured Customer – Karen Starko of Marie Antoinette Re-Creations!

This week we are featuring Karen of Marie Antoinette Re-Creations! Karen makes fantastic re-purposed and reconstructed jewelry that breathes fabulous new life into everything she uses! Check out her story:

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“Welcome to Marie Antoinette Re-Creations! I named my shop in my mother’s memory, whose name really was Marie Antoinette. She too was a lover of beautiful jewelry.

I have always had a passion for jewelry, and have been collecting all styles and materials for many years. I received my first set of pearls from my Mom and Dad, when I was 12 years old. I think they started something way back then! My collection includes everything from designer, to precious metals and gem stones, rustic to refined. However, as a long time jewelry lover and collector, I became weary of the same old, same old. I was looking for something different.
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I began creating pieces of jewelry that are one of a kind, that make me feel I have something very special, that no one else can possibly have! My jewelry is designed from chosen vintage jewelry and findings, and industrial items, which I re-create into one of a kind pieces for those who have a thirst for something different, something you won’t see coming and going. Many of the focal components in my jewelry come from France, England and Belgium.

When I come home with, or receive a new vintage piece, I am fascinated when I hold it in my hands, and wonder who previously owned it, who might have given it to them, where they wore it, did they love it . . . ?
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I love aged rhinestones and metal, vintage medals, vintage rosaries, the intricacy of filigree, as well as things that have a rugged, industrial feel. Combining these two contrasting elements gives a certain edge and interest, and certainly commands attention and curiosity.

I have been selling my jewelry creations in Edmonton, and am now branching out on Etsy. I hope you enjoy my jewelry, as much as I enjoy creating it!”

2 thoughts on “Featured Customer – Karen Starko of Marie Antoinette Re-Creations!

  1. Love love love your style! It is very much the style I like to create. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen your items on Etsy when I’m looking through the repurposed jewelry.

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