How To Put On Padded Handles

I am frequently asked about sore hands, fatigue and even numbness. Of course, discuss these symptoms with your family physician, take frequent breaks and use good ergonomics when working with pliers.

In addition, you can add a set of cushioned grips to improve pliers that don’t have cushioning or can be used to replace worn plier grips. The best part? I carry these grips in my shop!

These are not “hobby – grade” grips but professional ones made specifically for people that have to work with pliers all day. They are made from heavy – duty PVC and are latex free so they will last and not irritate anyone with a latex allergy (like my wife – these work well for her).

So, now that you have your grips, what do you do?

Read on and I will show you:-)

First, you will need to remove whatever handle is currently on your pliers. Some handles can be slit down the side with a box knife and peeled off, while others may have a rivet or screw holding them on the plier. To remove this style, take an awl or flat head screw driver and pry the edge of the handle cover out from under the rivet.


After the cover is free from the rivet, the handle should slide right off.


Once you have the original cover removed, line it up next to your new cushioned cover, which will be much longer than you need.


Use a box knife or exact-o knife to cut the new cover to length.


Put a few drops of glue into the new handle.


Then spread a line of glue down the length of the handle. This will both secure the cushion once the glue sets, but also help the cushion slide on over the handle.


Put the cover onto the handle! You may need to push and twist a bit, as sometimes the fit can be rather snug!


Once the end of the handle hits the bottom of the cover, you are set!


Repeat for the other side and let the pliers sit undisturbed for at least 12 hours, but 24 would be better, to make sure the glue is fully cured.


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