Featured Customer – Harvey Haines of The Big Purple Barn

This week we are featuring Harvey Haines of The Big Purple Barn! Harvey makes reclaimed metal and glass pieces, both for making jewelry and organizing your desk! Read on to find out more:

“The Big Purple Barn is a dream; a beautiful, perfect dream.

PicMonkey Collage1

The Big Purple Barn is a small business centered around working with glass and steel. Using these remarkable materials, the Barn is able to offer heirloom-quality artifacts and gifts.

The Big Purple Barn has steel products that include a variety of welded desk organizers, ashtrays, and valet dishes, many of which can be personalized with Braille lettering. These containers are intended to last forever, maybe a little longer.
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All of the glass items offered are made out of recycled material, much of which is vintage or antique. By rescuing and re-purposing ruined old glass items, the Big Purple Barn breathes a small bit of new life into the past, and offers everyone a chance to own at least a small piece of history.
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The Big Purple Barn may be quite small, but it is still the largest and best producer of recycled glass lampwork beads. Harvey Haines, artist and owner of the Barn, is the world’s most knowledgeable and dedicated small-batch glass recycler. The Barn’s glass library is quite diverse; it includes glass from antique cars, telegraph pole insulators, cookware, and more.”

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