Craft Fair Tips

Craft show season is in FULL SWING – I have several customers asking for tips. Even though we very rarely do shows anymore, we used to go to them all the time!

Here are TEN of my best tips:

1.  Have 10x’s more items for sale than you hope to sell – a fully stocked booth attracts customers

2. Vary the height and how items are displayed and make sure customers can touch and handle items – if not all at least a display or sample or each design

3. Take an inexpensive mirror along. Being able to see a piece on their selves helps customers fall in love with your creations 


4. Dress is layers – regardless of the show being inside or out. You want to be able to make easy, comfortable conversation with your customers, not shivering or sweating while they browse

5. Have prices on EVERYTHING – customers don’t want to appear cheap and want to know they can afford what they are looking at. If they have to ask how much something is, they are much more likely to walk away without buying

6. Have some sales – BOGO or discounts for buying more than one. Everyone loves to save and get a good deal!

7. Have a bargain bin – I take an old make-up suitcase (I don’t think these are made anymore, are they?) and fill it with poorly selling items, old OOAK’s and some fast/easy pieces that I make specifically for this. Mark it ONE DOLLAR. Getting people to open their wallet for even a dollar breaks through a large barrier

8. Take along a helper to manage sales – my family helps me with this, and YOU work on making pieces. Set yourself up in the front of your booth and get to work. You will attract people like flies to honey! People love to watch and will ask questions that will give you opportunities to engage them and get them excited about your work. You will also be all set to customize or tweak any purchase such as switching ear wire styles or crystal colors.


9. Take LOTS of change. Most people will pay you with $20’s and will need ones and fives back. Invest in a slotted money box or a well organized fanny pack to make finding change fast and easy on you


10. Don’t take it personally if you don’t do well, even if you don’t sell a SINGLE THING. I learned so much about what works and what doesn’t at shows that didn’t bring in a lot of sales. I met many other awesome vendors (frequently good customers – so talk them up or perhaps offer to trade goods) and still had a good time. Life is a journey!


WHAT TIPS DO YOU HAVE? Let us know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Craft Fair Tips

  1. Set up a box and put some basic items in it – mints, scissors, tape, bandaids, glue, marker, stapler, pliers… the stuff that you think you might need at a show. Tape a piece of paper inside the lid. Never unpack that box. Over time, you may need something that’s not in the “show box.” Write it on the list. The second time you need it, get it and add it to the box.

    My “show box” has all of the things listed above, plus spare batteries and charging cords for phones, pad of paper, antacids, string, paper clips (it’s amazing what all you can do with those!), rubber bands, a few small pieces of cardboard, and small Velcro cord wraps.

  2. Be sure you have adequate weights for your canopy! some can attach to canopy edges & dangle (using clips that you string weight onto, then clamp onto edges), & heavy weights for legs. Another idea is to use pool “noodles” & run clothesline/rope through it (i had to slit the noodle to do it more easily), then tie up into corners in a “U” shape to keep canopy tight & rain from pooling.

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