Featured Customer – Lenore of WhimsicalInDeSoto!

This week we are featuring Lenore of WhimsicalInDeSoto! Lenore makes some stunning creative resin pieces, including jewelry and glasses holders! Check out her creations and her story:

“Now that my children and grandchildren are grown I have time to pursue interests that I could not in the past. I love working with epoxy resin. It can be highly challenging to use and has endless creative possibilities.

I make one of a kind, good quality craft jewelry that is affordable by most budgets.

I do not make Fashion Jewelry that is frequently very inexpensive and sometimes manufactured in multiples. Also I do not make Fine Jewelry that may contain gemstones or other expensive components frequently that are utilized by experienced and/or trained artists. Even some Fine Jewelry can be manufactured.

PicMonkey Collage1

I try to make jewelry that is one of a kind, not manufactured, and also affordable. Some has “bling” but you don’t have to lock it up in a safe. The eyeglass holders are also highly useful in addition to being attractive jewelry.

I discovered that unique jewelry can be a good conversation starter when people ask about it. Some of my designs are bold and unique, a few are downright silly but I always try to maintain a level of sophistication, even when being silly.

PicMonkey Collage3

I use epoxy resin to combine many component parts that may have been manufactured by others such as bezels, charms, beads, crystals, wire and magnets. Sometimes I use molds. The entire process, including the time for the resin to fully harden usually takes several days.

I live in an apartment for Seniors so space is very limited. I try to maintain a small shop that will at least pay for my basic supplies. I am strongly entrenched in old-fashioned ideas of small neighborhood shops, good value for your money and great customer service.”

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