Knotting Stretch Bracelets

Stretch bracelets are fun and fast to make and so comfortable to wear! But, how to knot them best? I have found that covering the knot with a crimp cover secures and protects the knot most effectively, let me show you how!

square knot

Step 1

Start your bracelet by cutting a piece of stretch cord at least 4 inches longer then your desired finished length. Thread enough beads onto the cord that it will fit your wrist comfortably and make a square knot as close to the beads as possible, pulling it tight.

Step 2

Take a crimp cover and fit it over the knot with the two tail ends facing the open side of the cover and the strung ends aligned with the holes of the cover.

Step 3

Gently and gradually squeeze the crimp shut over the knot, making sure the entire knot is inside and the two loose ends come out the front. When it is almost fully closed, trim the ends right next to the cover before closing it completely.

Taa Daa! Your bracelet is securely knotted. You can add a drop of glue to the knot before crimping for an added layer of protection against slippage, but this is optional.


For a fun addition to any stretch bracelet, just pop a charm on a large jumpring onto the side opposite the crimp.

Ready to Rock

Stretch Bracelet Square

5 thoughts on “Knotting Stretch Bracelets

  1. Hello, I have a question for you…everything I’ve read says that any metal touching the stretch cord will eventually cut the cord, leading to disaster ^_^…any thoughts or clarification?

    1. Hello Deborah! Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to prevent stretch cord bracelets from eventually breaking, it just comes with the territory. Yes, the crimp cover may eventually damage the cord, but an exposed knot would be even more vulnerable! A crimp cover is also a longer-lasting option than a crimp bead or crimp tube, as it does not compress and potentially cut into the cord as much.
      Hope this helps!

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