Featured Customer – Deb Zobel of RenewalJewelryShop!

This week we are featuring Deb of Renewal Jewelry Shop! Deb uses wire and beads to create picture-perfect trees, flitting hummingbirds, and lush flowers, all that can be enjoyed year round in your home and on yourself! Read on for her story:


“Welcome to Renewal Jewelry Designs Nature Inspired Jewelry!

I look to nature for inspiration and trees are particularly empowering for me. Each autumn, the trees lose their leaves and start to rest, only to renew themselves in all their glory each spring. This inspired me to create my own line of Tree of Life pendants as a symbol of hope & renewal, using gemstones that come from the earth, giving each a unique energy. As I am making them, they seem to take on a life of their own, each being unique in size, shape and color. They are individuals like you and I and each one will speak to someone in its own unique way. As I create each piece, I infuse it with healing love to enhance its energy.

Since I opened shop in 2015, I have introduced a few new collections, including my new spring line – Butterflies – which I know you will love! I also offer nature-inspired bracelets, earrings and complete sets.


You can also have the fun of designing your own nature-inspired creation with the colors or gemstones you desire! You can even do it in person if you are local to Upper Bucks County, PA – invite a few girlfriends to join in the fun and earn 10% of all sales in free jewelry!


Each pendant design has a tag with a unique name, the date it was made, my signature, and has a special dangle on the back so you know it was made with love & is an authentic Renewal Jewelry Design!

Sending you healing light and love,

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